A user can delete all reviews of his post and reset it 0. User can easily reset feedback reviews to 0.

Follow some steps to reset feedback reviews to 0:-
Step 1 First go to Settings menu of Was This Helpful Plugin.
Step 2 Now scroll down on Reset Rating section and tick on Reset Reviews checkbox.
Step 3 Now click on Save Settings button of Settings page
Step 4 A popup message will appear click on ok button.
You can check reset review as 0 in two ways

There are two ways to check your reset reviews 0

(A) First You can check reset reviews at your page or post in back end go to your post or page
menu a sub menu will appear now click on All Post or All Pages and check your positive and negative review updated in 0

(B) Second go to your post or page on front end page where you applied feedback option.

Video Tutorial