Do you sell premium themes using ThemeForest? You must be aware that themeforest can’t provide automatic updates to the buyers like wordpress does. Each buyer is notified by email on a new release but they have to download new updates manually.

WP Updates Pro plugin overcomes this issue and now your customers can updates theme automatically directly from ThemeForest.

Integrate With Premium Theme

Step 1Go to WP Updates Pro plugin.
Step 2 Now click on How to use menu.
Step 3 Go to ‘Integrate in your theme‘ section and click on here button to download the class.wp-auto-theme-update.php file.

Step 4Put downloaded file in theme folder.
Step 5 Now go to functions.php file and include the file. you can include the file using copy the below code and paste in functions.php file

require_once get_template_directory() . “/class.wp-auto-theme-update.php”;.

Whenever a new version is ready to use this will automatically update them.

Video Tutorial