Sometimes when a user release a new version of his plugin.He wants that his client can easily update plugin with his latest version. And a client always wants a new feature in his work and for getting a new feature he has to update plugin with its latest version. Here some steps are given so a plugin will be updated automatically when ever a latest version ready for update.

Follow the steps to integrate plugin :-

Step 1 First go to WP Updates Pro plugin
Step 2 Now click on How to use
Step 3 Now go to Integrate in your plgin section now first click on
here button to download the class.wp-auto-plugin-update.php file.

Step 4 Now put the file in plugin folder.
Step 5 Now go to main plugin file and include the class.wp-auto-plugin-update.php you can include the file using this copy the code and paste in main plugin file.
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . “/class.wp-auto-plugin-update.php”);

Note:- This is very important that your plugin folder name and main plugin file name must be same.

When a new version of plugin released plugin will be updated successfully.

Video Tutorial