Visitor needs to fill up eCard form which is fully customizable in the backend.

Customize eCard Form

Step 1Go to Woo eCards Pro > Settings
Step 2Here you can customize eCards form.

WooCommerce eCards Pro Settings

1. Ask Sender Information: Turn On, to display Sender name and email address.
2. Ask Schedule Date: Turn On , to show date information when eCard send to recipient.
3. Show Preview Option : Turn On , to display eCard preview link.
4. Copy to Self: Turn On , to display copy to self option.

Show/Hide Order Summery

1. Show on Cart: Turn on , if you want to show eCard on cart page.
2. Show on Checkout : Turn on , if you want to show eCard on Checkout page.

Label Settings

In the label settings you can customize labels of the form.

After save settings, form level will be display according to your customization from backend.

Video Tutorial