You can display listing of your all posts/some selected posts by creating rule.
To show listing of your all/some important post first Go to Post Pro Plugin back-end and click on Add Rule menu,a new window will appear.


Explanation of each point of Add Rule for post listing.
General Setting This is basic setting section for post listing.

1 First you have to assign  a name, here give a title to rule.
2 How many posts you want to display on per page, Example:- type 5 to display only 5 posts,to display all posts leave it blank,
3 How many post to skip from starting,that were chosen in last point # of Posts.  Example:- As you want to display 5 posts and want to skip last 2 posts so type 2 in Posts Offset.

4 you can manage your post listing in a proper way it can be according to following:-
Title => Display posts according to title.
Post Date => Display Date of post published.
Modified Date => listing according to post modified date.
Comments Count => listing posts total number comments on particular post.
Author => Display posts listing according to author name.
Random => Display posts listing randomly that were chosen.
Visitor => Display posts most visited by users.

5 Display posts listing in Ascending/Descending.

Related Posts

6You can display related posts in single post page in side bar using widget Author/Category/Date/Tag

Basic Filters

This section will apply filter on post
7 Only those posts will display in listing that have featured image,
8 Will not display those post which is Sticky/always be on top,
9 Only those post will display that is related to selected author,
10 Display posts in listing that are related to selected category/categories.
11 Listing of post that are/is in Post Formats.
12 Type post id you want to display in listing.

Exclude Posts

This section will skip the selected post/posts.

13 Post id not to display in listing.
14 Skip posts of selected author.
15 Skip posts form listing of selected category/categories.

Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Terms Filters

16 Display post that are selected.

Date(s) Filter

This section will work on date filter for post listing

17Display listing of posts that follow date filters.Example:-To display last week post in listing tick on Last Week.

Custom Fields Filter

This section will work on custom fields Example:-To divide students in two groups
first who got more then 36% marks =>Pass;
second who got less then 36% =>fail;

And at last click on Save Rule to setup rule

Video Tutorial