Sometimes a user wants to hide or modify read more content of post in listing. It is very easy for a user to hide or modify read more content in listing.

(A) Hide the read more.
(B) Modify the read more content.


Here some easy steps are given to hide and modify read more content from listing:-
Step 1 First go to Manage Templates menu of WP Post Pro Plugin and click on it,a new window will appear with listing of templates.
Step 2 Choose one of them to make changes in listing and click on Edit link,
Step 3 Scroll down to Read More Settings tick on Hide Read More to hide the read more link from listing and if you want to modify the read more text then type the name of read more link in Read More Text
Step 4 Now click on Save Template button to save the changes at the bottom of the page.

A. Hide the Read More link.

B. Modify the Read More text

Video Tutorial