Sometimes  user wants to apply some filters in post listing, as he wants to display only those posts which have featured/thumbnail image. It is easy for a user to skip posts which do not have featured/thumbnail image from post listing page.

As shown here four posts created , two have featured image and two do not have featured image.


To display only posts with featured image follow the steps given below:-
Step 1 First click on Manage Rules menu of WP Posts Pro Plugin a new window will appear with listing of created rules.
Step 2 Click on Edit link of that Rule you want to changes.
Step 3 Scroll down on Basic Filters section.
Step 4 Tick on Posts with Featured Image.


Step 5 At the end click on Save Rules button at the bottom of the page.
Step 6 Go to front-end and you will find all p

As it shown only those posts are displaying which have featured image.

Video Tutorial