You can get posts according to custom fields of your post.

Follow some steps to get posts according to custom fields:-


Step 1 First add the custom field in your post,go on Posts menu of WordPress a new sub-menu will appear, click on All Posts, a list of all posts will display.
Step 2 Choose the post to display according to custom fields and click on Edit link.
Step 3 In the edit page of page a custom field section is displaying under text-area.If custom field is not displaying then go and click on screen option at the top of the edit page,a drop down is appear,click on custom field.
Step 4 Type the custom field Name and enter the Value of custom field.
Step 5 Click on Publish/Update button.
Step 6 Now go to WP Post Pro Plugin and click on Manage Rules in which you want to apply changes.
Step 7 Go to Custom Fields Filter section and tick on Apply Custom Fields Filter.
Step 8 Give the name of Custom field and enter the value that was given in the post, you can add more custom fields by clicking of Add More button.
Step 9 Click on Save Rule.
Step 10 Only that Particular post is displaying in which we entered custom field.

Post displaying according to custom field.


Video Tutorial