A user can display posts in a well manner in ascending/descending order. He can choose one of them for post listing, even he can display post in ascending/descending order using Order By as shown.

To display posts listing in Ascending/Descending order follow some steps :-
Step 1 first click on Manage Rules, a new window will appear with listing of all rules you created.
Step 2 Select the rule in which you want to make change.
Step 3 Now in General Settings choose In Order Ascending to display posts in ascending order or Descending to display posts in descending order.
Step 4At last click on Save Rules button at the bottom of the Manage Rules back-end page.By default it is ascending.

Note:-Displaying post listing according to Title of post.

For Ascending Order

Posts listing in ascending order according to title :-

For Descending Order

Posts listing in descending order according to title :-

Video Tutorial