A user can give a different style of pagination in listing. Here some Pagination styles are given he can choose one of them. Out of pagination style one of them is Carousel. It makes a better look of pagination. For a user it is very easy to apply Carousel in listing.

Here some steps are given follow to apply Carousel :-

Step 1 First of all go and click on Manage Templates menu of WP Post Pro Plugin, a new window will appear with list of all templates.
Step 2 Choose one of them for applying changes in post listing and click on Edit link.
Step 3 Scroll down on Pagination Settings section and tick on Apply Pagination. Some new option will appear.
Step 4Now tick on Carousel to make your pagination more stylish. It will display one post on per page and remaining post display automatically, when you tick on Carousel a new more options will appear follow these as given bellow,

Auto Play =>Time Taken for next post, you can leave this if you want to stop auto play of post.
Stop on Mouse Hover=> It will stop auto play of post when you put mouse cursor on post area
Navigation => It will display Next and Previous button on listing.
Carousel Pagination=> You can display bullet on post.

Step 5At the end click on Save template button.


Video Tutorial