A design of post in listing page is important. It must be attractive. To make a listing page more attractive here some design is given you can select your favorite design click here to know How to select design of posts?

But sometimes a user wants to make a different design for listing. So it is very easy to make/create own design. Follow some point to make your own design for listing.
To make your own design go through it:-

Step 1First click on Manage Templates menu of WP Post Pro Plugina list of created templates will appear in new window.
Step 2 Now choose the template in which you want to make changes and click on Edit link.
Step 3 Now click on Source Code menu at the top of the page.On the right side some placeholders is given,copy the Placeholders and paste in text-area. You can make the design here to display posts in posts listing page.
Step 4 Click on Save Template button.

Your created design will be like this in listing.


Video Tutorial