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WordPress Posts Listing
To display blog posts listing without any programming, just create Rules & Layouts and display them on widgets or pages easily.
Last Updated on November, 23, 2016
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Was This Helpful
Get valuable feedback from your readers. While a positive feedback motivates to do better, a negative review helps to find the shortfalls and improve your blog posts.
Last Updated on January, 13, 2017
6 Tutorials
WP Featured Images Pro
This plugin is useful utility for featured images. You can do lots of stuffs related to featured images for which you need to do programming.
Last Updated on January, 13, 2017
10 Tutorials
WC Store Locator
Store Locator Plugin for Wordpress is a WordPress plugin for creating a store locator on your site efficiently. This allows your users to find stores nearby or close to a custom location.
Last Updated on January, 20, 2017
3 Tutorials
WP Age Gate Pro
A WordPress plugin to verify visitor’s age before viewing the content of your site. You can apply age restriction to posts, pages, custom posts type or woo-commerce categories.
Last Updated on April, 17, 2017
10 Tutorials
WP User Avatar Pro
WP User Avatar enables you to upload avatar using file system, media uploader and webcam easily.
Last Updated on January, 05, 2017
2 Tutorials
CF7 Google Maps
Google Maps Extension for CF7 brings Google Maps to Contact Form 7. The user can place markers or shapes on google maps. This makes it easier to get a location from the user.
Last Updated on January, 03, 2017
3 Tutorials
WP Security Questions
Security Questions Plugin for Wordpress allows you to put a security question box on registration, login, and forgot password screens.
Last Updated on November, 19, 2016
1 Tutorials
Meta Tags Optimization
The Meta Tags Optimization plugin shows the admin whether the page is optimized correctly by highlighting the tags with green and red colors.
Last Updated on November, 19, 2016
3 Tutorials
WP Updates Pro
WP Updates Pro (Developer Theme and Plugin Wordpress Updater) is a plugin that provides automatic updates for your premium plugins and themes.
Last Updated on November, 11, 2017
3 Tutorials
WooCommerce Reminder Pro
A WooCommerce extension to send SMS & EMAIL notification to customers.
Last Updated on January, 07, 2017
2 Tutorials
WooCommerce Ecards Pro
A WooCommerce extension to sell ecards using your wordpress site. eCard is a electronic card to send online greeting messages with image to your friends & family.
Last Updated on January, 13, 2017

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